Another update

night out for dinner with my two special ladies. my mum michelle and my fiancé ariana.

we had an amazing dinner with a few friends the other night and it was the first time I have gotten to go out for a fun night since i was released from the hospital.

I also had a little jam session at my house earlier in the day and  it was so fun to play some of the old songs again. it gives me inspiration to write songs again along with the touring itch.  right now i’m having my studio worked on because theres are a few things in there that aren’t working right (ah,the joys of having your own studio.), but after today it should be back and rocking. I got some good writing done today and i can’t wait to get it all down and recorded.

I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe.

i’ll keep you posted,


D+ARIstudioD JAM

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  1. Ozzy E. Reply

    Awesome, Bizzy D! I’m so grateful you’re posting updates- especially the part that mentioned you played old songs. Hope there’s some cool pop-punk material like the classics!

  2. So I have a weird question, and since you never respond here, I guess it can be considered rhetorical. I’m curious to know if you have specific diet restrictions now…certain foods you have to stay away from now? I was having balsamic vinegar on my spinach salad and I thought, “I wonder if Deryck can have balsamic now.” lol I know, I am really random.

  3. Jessica Reply

    Hey, you’re looking better and better by the picture. That’s great to see! :) And I’m glad you’re doing well & that you’re happy. I’m so proud of you! Keep up the good work and please continue to keep us in the loop. :)

  4. Cristina Reply

    I´m really glad to see you´re doing good Deryck! and love the fact that you´re writing again, can´t wait to hear it, stay safe and keep up with the updates :)

  5. johann Reply

    You look better every day … it’s good to see you play old songs .. hopefully you can get out on tour soon .. please do not forget to Latin America when hagas.como always repeat always were; are and will be aguante sum 41

  6. Someone Reply

    Is that the new drummer? 😮

  7. Andrea Reply

    I’m glad to see you smiling again ! Be strong Deryck

  8. Savannah Reply

    Happy to see you getting to do things you enjoy! That smile looks good on you! :) thanks for the update!

  9. guitarist41 Reply

    I’m doing the 41 salute right now.

  10. Josh Mcn Reply

    Great to see! Look far more healthy now! You’re surrounded by great people too, can’t wait to hear the new material.

  11. Will Reply

    Good to see you well Deryck 😀

  12. Kari Reply

    Get well soon! :3 we support you and love you so much!

  13. Jessica Reply

    Omg, is that a dimple I see?? 😀 Sorry, I just noticed you had them! They’re so cute on you!!! Anyway, glad you’re doing well, Deryck. :)

  14. Soukaina Reply

    Hey Deryck, hope your covery is going fine.I just saw your interview on CBC News. You look much better.Just so you know, all your fans are supporting you. Stay strong. ^_^
    Love from Morocco

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