Red Wine Chronicles: Past Entries

back in the day when i had some down time on the road i would sit in my hotel room or the back of the bus and reflect on some of the cool things i would see on tour, or even just random cool things i found on the internet, like old interviews of musicians etc. mind you this is also when myspace and youtube were exploding for the first time. i couldn’t believe that i could type in any of my favourite artists and see old performances and documentaries and what not. anyway i would sit with a glass of red wine and chronicle all of my stories, journals and internet findings. i called them the red wine chronicles and i would post them as blogs on myspace. haha myspace. you watch i bet it will come back! i’ve posted most of them already but i came across a few that were never posted. they’re from a few years back but i’ve decided i might as well share them with you anyway (you can find them below this post). it’s not much but here you go. also, i’m changing the name now to “CHRONICLES FROM THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AND EVERYWHERE”


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  1. johann Reply

    tranks for this and the up dates! argentina love you.

  2. Marla Reply

    Honestly, I miss myspace. It was fun to customize, and back then, bands were so easily accessible and they would talk to you! The coolest thing ever was getting friendly with a relatively unknown band and then see their career take off.

    Off to go read your chronicles. I hope the holidays were good to you and that this year is amazing for you <3

  3. Deryck, I wanted to extend an offer to you and/or any of your fans. If you have any vivid or crazy dreams you would like help understanding, please feel free to contact me via Facebook. You should be able to click on my name and it will take you to my page. Feel free to send a private message and we can try to find the meaning of whatever dream you might want to know about. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I am a prolific dreamer and have spent a lot of time trying to understand the meanings of my own dreams so feel comfortable in helping people understand theirs. Really the dreamer is the very best interpreter, but sometimes it is helpful to have someone else asking us questions so we can look at it and decide what a symbol means to us. I’m a stay-at-home so am not looking for monetary gain. I just love dreams and enjoy helping others understand their own.

  4. Stepin Reply

    Hi Deryck! Just wanted to say that you have fans in Russia too. I adore your songs. They have high voltage energy :) We are just waiting for new songs and blog new postings.

  5. Marla Reply

    I just saw that you got married! Congratulations! It is wonderful seeing how happy you two are. I wish you both many many many happy years together. <3

  6. I’m pretty sure it will come back too. I discovered so many bands with that! And for all the punk rock scene in montreal it was a great thing, to post flyers for events and stuff. Share music from the new bands, pictures etc. I remember how I hated facebook back then. I was on myspace and msn hahaha. Hope you’re doing good and that you guys will play in MontrĂ©al other than on RockFest, it’s too expensive (not expensive for the number of bands you can see, but if you don’t have the almost 300$ for the ticket+beer+food+travel), well it sucks. Take care ^^ – Sissel

  7. Much love to an artistic musical genius who I have had the pleasure of growing up with and watching but also being apart of your musical journey! It’s been a great ride that just keeps going, by far my favorite!

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