Deryck’s Kerrang Interview

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  1. Unnecessary Person Reply

    That interview makes something inside of me die

    • Argentina te ama Deryck, fuerza!!! estamos todos con vos :) ojalá vuelvas pronto a los escenarios!

  2. Angie Reply

    l really admire the honesty in this and also the CBC interview, through all of this you have grown so much as a person and probably also as a musician … and always remember “The best is yet to come” -This holds true now more than ever <3

  3. Jessica Reply

    Omg, thank you sooooooooo much for this! I’ve been dying to read the interview, but I didn’t have the magazine and I could only read little parts of it online. The full interview was too small to be able to read well enough. This helped A LOT. Man, I knew that you were very much near death, but I had no idea you were that close. I’m glad you made it.

  4. Damn you, Deryck! I have hit a new low and become a sheep. I joined Instagram today so I could “follow” you. Baaaa lol But I will NOT give into #hashtags. It is my belief a brain cell is lost every time someone uses a pointless hashtag. hahaha

    • Jessica Reply

      LMAO!!! I feel your pain! It physically pained me to create an Instagram, but I too, did it. The things we do for you, Deryck. XD

  5. Kai Reply

    Thanks for speaking out about this. Alcohol abuse has been glamourized for way too long, and too many people suffer the consequences. Get well soon.

  6. Alex Reply

    Russia loves you,Derick

  7. So while I was changing my cover photos and profile pictures for the various social media accounts I have, I had a thought that maybe it would be a good idea to put your album cover out there the week before you plan to put it out and ask fans to put it up as their profile photo AND cover photo. Just make sure they have access to a high quality photo because Google Plus doesn’t like low resolution photos. It would be a good way to promote your new album that costs nothing but a photo and a request of fans. If you wanted to give them incentive, turn it into a contest and you can pick like 10 random fans to give away a signed copy of the new album to. *laughing at myself* I just realized I am referring to your fans as “them” and not “us”. Doh!

  8. yourock41 Reply

    You gotta be strong, gotta move on. We all support you. Waiting for you on the stage. The best is yet to come

  9. Argentina te ama Deryck, fuerza!!! estamos todos con vos :) ojalá vuelvas pronto a los escenarios!

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