Greetings from Ajax

i’m back here at my mum’s house in ajax. relaxing and exercising. weather kind of sucks though. i guess i’m too used to LA. anyway my mum showed my this old commercial we did a song for awhile ago. i’m sure some people may have seen this already but check it out. it’s a little blast from the past!

deryck whibley

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  1. Angie Reply

    Actually never heard this song before… Must have been a while ago, reminds me of the DTLI era…
    Anyway, so glad to hear all these positive things that are going on in your life atm. you´re really blessed with a very loving and caring family and it´s so good to see how committed you are to getting better! Overcoming any addiction is not easy by any means and it takes time. Just always remember how precious this chance is that has been given to you – a chance to live and to show everyone what you´re made of – you will come out of this stronger than ever before!

  2. At least the air is probably less toxic in Ajax. You couldn’t pay me to live in LA. Fun to visit but no thanks. I will stick with Portlandia. I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 10 years which is kind near that part of the continent. It was practically Canada. Lol Now to go watch this video.

  3. Tom Reply

    Haha never seen it before!!

  4. Veenza41 Reply

    hahaha..Oh mann!!
    i love it …!!!!
    but what the name of this song?

    Anyway, I hope your recovery is going well. 😀

  5. johann Reply

    never heard that song but I loved; as you go with the treatment? you are gaining weight? grettings for argentina we loved

  6. Dude there have been so many times and so many days where life got festering and putrid and I felt like I wasn’t going to make it and I was effed and I was effing up my kid. And I’d hold it together, hold my kid together, and listen to all the good shit. If some punk kid from Ajax and his music can get us through some shitty days then we owe you!! You are awesome, deryck. Much much love from guelph…

  7. Kai Reply

    That song is “Food Glorious Food” from Oliver The Musical! I never knew you did cover versions of showtunes :) It sounds awesome! Take care, Deryck!

  8. Mickey J Reply

    Happy to hear you’re doing better. This was somewhat of your big break. I’m proud of everything you and the guys have accomplished. Enjoy your time with your Mom. Get healthy soon and look forward to see what you choose to do next. All the best, dude.

  9. marco Reply

    It’s great! Nice flashback, hope to hear some new songs soon :) and hope that your recovery is going great

  10. Jessica Reply

    Haha, I don’t recall this commercial but I’m 13 years younger than you. If this commercial goes all the way back to your teenage years, I was just a little kid. I wouldn’t remember having seen this, but I’d love to hear the song you guys did for it. :)

  11. So I had a thought and perhaps you have already considered this, but because I am so in love with the acoustic version of Blood In My Eyes here on your site, it might be a good transition back to do a solo acoustic album where you can take it easy on stage. You can still tour but keep it a small production while your body heals further. That way you stay in touch with fans, have time to write for a Sum 41 album and time to get back fully on your feet to dance around like a wild man. I feel concerned about your physical well being trying to get back to performing live the energetic Sum 41 material.

  12. Alex Reply

    Welcome back to Ajax, if you’re still in town, it’d be a dream come true to jam together. You got me into playing guitar, and I’ve picked up other instruments, but I’ve been playing guitar for 8 years, ever since I heard “Fat Lip” on Guitar Hero and wanted to be able to play it for real. Now I write my own songs that have been inspired by you. I saw you guys with Billy Talent in April 2013 in Toronto and that night changed my life, you are a god to me, feel better soon man

  13. I lost a brother to alcoholism. The same brother who brought home a Sum41 cassette (yes I think it was a cassette! Whoa) after he saw you play with TREBLE Charger. I am so worried about you and I don’t even know you but I have seen it all and watched him battle that demon. You can do this, Deryck. You’re doing the right thing being with your mom. Family is important and take your time with yourself. Tomorrow my kindergarten students are performing at our arts festival and we’re doing a slightly altered rendition of Pieces. They’re so damn cute when they sing it. I’ll take a video and try to get it to you. We started listening to it after you blogged about your battle in May. It broke my heart and I felt like the class needed to know you. They’re so happy to sing it and they love that their teacher has a little SoCal edge to her. “Mademoiselle can you pway da gween day?” We’ll sing it for you…..our little rendition of Pieces. Xoxoxo from Hamilton, Ontario.

  14. guitarist41 Reply

    Oh, man. I thought I had heard/seen all of the old hidden Sum 41 stuff!

    I really like the acoustic version of ‘Blood In My Eyes’. I was skeptical at first, because the original is so heavy, but this version’s actually really good too!

  15. Bean Reply

    Yes, acoustic of blood in my eyes is great. Very great. On my list of songs to learn for the summer. My guitar skills are weak but I’m learning.

    Get well soon, Deryck. Sounds cliche but we mean it.

  16. Aye! Fellow Ajax-ian. Welcome home :)

  17. dear dyreck i am a fan of yours i had been trying so hard to right to you i am feeling kind of down i don;t no what to do at this point i just want to say hello to u knowing i am a fan i know u love your fans i am one of them but other people don;t understand how important u are to me i hope for a message or a phone call from u 6477612898 from you fan maria

  18. dear dyreck i want u to know how much u mean to me as my favorite rock star i had some down and ups case i tried righting to you and reaching out to you and right to you i am not sure if you have seen any face book messages from me on your officul sight but i want u too know that u mean so much to me and is really difficult not being able to say hello to you i never had been to your show or even seen you be for and that is hard for me i just feel devastated that i can not get t o say hello to you so i just want to say hello to you please do contack me 6477612898 i am just a heart felt fan who cares and wants to say hi to you i care about u and i mean well for you 1000 percent i am not a stockier no i am just a fan who really does care about you u are truly a inspiration and u mean so much to me as a rock star greetings from Toronto your dedicated fan maria your music is carved into my life. for life

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