Deryck Whibley grew up always fascinated by music. He was an only child to a single teenage mother and has never met his father.  Deryck and his mother were forced to move from apartment to apartment as they struggled to make ends meet.  Fortunately, Deryck always had music. Starting with 50’s-60’s pop and R&B, and then discovering rock, rap and anything else that had great melodic appeal. Some of his early favorites were Frank Sinatra and the Doors.

Deryck became intrigued in song writing at a young age.  Before even learning to play an instrument, he began writing his first songs at age 11 with only a pen and piece of paper. Having lot of lyrics written but no tune Deryck decided that he needed to learn the basics of guitar to bring these words to life. Deryck is a self described terrible guitar player, “I’ve never wanted to be a great guitar player, I’ve only cared about writing songs. Any instrument I’ve taught myself to play has only been to use as a tool to write music.”

The next step for Deryck was playing in a band with other people.  Deryck met Stevo Jocz, Sum 41 drummer when Deryck saved Stevo from getting beat up by a school bully.  Deryck and Stevo decided to start a band, which became “Sum 41” in the summer of 1996. 16 yeas later, Deryck and the Sum 41 have sold over 15 million albums and toured the world countless times, and were recently nominated for a Grammy in 2012.  In his personal life, Deryck has had famous relationships, famous break-ups, and famous fuck-ups. Some would say Deryck and lives a rock and roll dream, but Deryck plays down this description.  “I play music because it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.  Fortunately I have been successful.  But without the success I would still be playing music and writing songs somewhere, and I always will. . . Music and songwriting is the thing I care about most in life. And I’ll probably continue it till I die, whenever that is . . .”

Outside of his own music Deryck has worked with a number of other artists and projects. He’s done writing, producing, mixing for artists Iggy Pop, Avril Lavigne Tommy lee, Operation M.D., Neverstore. In television and movies he’s played a character on King of the hill and made a cameo in the movie Dirty love.

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