just the good ol boys (Update)

brown sound and i hanging in my backyard with sinatra! fun times hanging out with an old friend again, we haven’t seen each other in 7 years! we were soaking up the sun, playing some of my favourite guitars, laughing and watching funny movies. just like old times.


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  1. vero_41_ Reply

    I’m happy to see you smiling, get better soon we love you!!

  2. Nice to see you looking less like the living dead. Of course I kind of dig dead people but that is another story. Hahaha

  3. Old friends are great for making us feel better! Thanks for the update and continue the healing!

    Just another fan who loves ya!

  4. ThatMan Reply

    Hi Deryck!
    I hope you can come to Guadalajara, México really soon!

    Saludos 😀

  5. Jessica Reply

    Haha, we haven’t seen the guy for seven years either. But hey, that’s great, Deryck! You’re looking so much better too, which is a relief to see. Keep up the good work and stay as healthy as you can for us, we all can’t wait to see you! :) Much love.

  6. William Reply

    Nice to see you together again! You were one of my heroes,when i was a teenager:) spend a lot of time trying to play like you:) Sake bombs is one of my all time favorite live DVD !!! Get well Deryck!!! Hope to see you and Dave with Stevo and Cone playing together on stage!)

  7. johann Reply

    Thank you for the update. Your fans continue your recovery whit you
    We were… whe are. And will always be by your side .
    Argentina love you

  8. JL Reply

    Brown Sound!! Good times, I’m happy to see you both again.

  9. Proud straightXedge girl Reply

    Oh, Deryck! I’m so happy that you are getting better. When I saw those photos from the hospital, I couldn’t sleep. You are my hero. Your music helped me so many times. I just want to let you know that there’s so many people who love you. We want you too get better soon… And pay attention! :) And if you are reading this, I just want to say; You are amazing and you are a hero for many people… So, get well soon, we all need you! … Your fan, PROUD STRAIGHTXEDGE GIRL :) <3

  10. Tom Reply

    Nothing better than quality time with true friends. So good to see you together. All my best wishes for your recovery. Thank you to give us updates, it’s very kind! Have a good day

  11. Ben Reply


  12. Ty R Reply

    Hey Deryck, I’m enjoying the blog updates, keep them coming. Its good to hear straight from you on how you are doing man!

  13. Cong Reply

    Hope you cherish oneself body, remains robust。

    • Cong Reply

      Hope you cherish oneself body, remains robust

  14. Cristina Reply

    Glad to see you catching up with old friends and getting back on your feet, can´t wait to see you get back on stage, keep getting better Bizzy D we love you!

  15. hugo Reply

    Hi guys, hope u’r getting better for some good rock action! Really glad u’r ok and u2 r doing each other again.
    Hope u feat. Dave on next album!
    Wanna a tip? Make a double album, one “All Killer No Filler” Punk style , and another more Metal, like some old stuff u used to do 2gether!!
    dont forget come 2 portugal again, and bring the BrownSound!

  16. Unnecessary person Reply

    It must be great to see an old friend, hope you had perfect time

  17. Just another fan Reply

    Glad to see you smiling outside in the sun. I’m curious as a kidney transplant patient if you had to have dialysis, and if so do you still need it? I hope not but curiosity is plaguing me. Keep up in recovery!

  18. FedeSkumfuk Reply

    Im happy for you Deryck! From argentina

  19. teresa Reply

    lookin’ good!

  20. roderick Reply

    hi deryck do not know how I hope the next album, would not be a bad idea plays dave on some songs the album Greetings

  21. Switch Reply

    Cool, you look better! Only people who loves you and your best friends are help in difficult times. Life is wonderful, you can not let some shit ruin your body and soul. The soul can not live without the body, like a body without a soul. Life loves you and gives you another chance, do not miss it 😉 We love you and all the guys! We all dream again to see and hear the original Sum 41 with his insane energy and fun!

    • Oh no you didn’t just go there! Lol I need to school you. We are eternal beings. The body lives on long after the body dies. The body is just a vehicle…like clothes we put on. We die, shed the clothes and come back and do it all again by putting on new clothes. Fucking up the body is like getting a nice ride and trashing it. It is a choice. Sometimes we plan it that way just to have the experience. I talk to “dead” people every day…aka spirits. Most of the time I like them a lot more than those with a body.

      • Damn need an edit button. The SOUL lives on long after the body dies.

        • Nick Reply

          That’s not true. In fact the opposite is true.
          If we consider brain activity the soul then the soul is everything. If you die your soul dies – otherwise you are not dead. Your body will live on forever, both the body itself as matter and the changes and memories it left behind. The soul will be gone.
          When you take out a computer’s internal hardware there only is the shell left.

          Get well soon Deryck

          • Clearly we come from different perspectives. Energy never dies…it only changes form and everything is energy. The body is a vehicle, the brain a hard drive…all true. Where we differ is that the hard drive of the body is only there so that should a soul decide that they want to bail, another soul can step in, an exchange be made and then the stand in can play the role seamlessly. And because of amnesia that takes place when we enter the physical, the new soul actually believes they have always been that character. Really our Earth “reality” is more like a giant play where we all come to play out certain roles. Often we come back in different roles working within the same soul family/group. Sometimes when an exchange is made, there is damage to the hard drive computer file and the new soul is like “oh shit, now what?” And those are the cases where someone suddenly speaks fluently a language they had never known before or suddenly seem like a different person. Those cases are rare. Most people who are walk-in/soul exchanges have no idea or memory they were not the original driver of the vehicle. I could go on about this stuff for days. Quantum physics and science are finally starting to catch up with spirituality and eventually the two will come together and marry. There is already scientific evidence of an energy that leaves the body upon death. Think of the soul as the SkyDrive version of the brain. We take all of our experiences and memories with us to the higher frequency we become. In actuality we are like a song…a sound wave. When we leave the body, we become a higher frequency and vibration.

  22. Will Reply

    Good to you see you back on your Feet Deryck

  23. Maira Reply

    nice to see you smile.
    it’s so comforting to know that you’re feeling better.
    love regards from Germany :)

  24. Manuel Reply

    GRACIAS por la buena musica!!!! nos asustaste aca a la gente de Argentina !!!!! espero que sigas con la recuperacion y vuelvan a ser lo que fueron saludos geniosssss

  25. Oh man

  26. Tim Reply

    Hey deryck good luck in your recovery. I know how challenging it can be (I’m about 110 days in), but just keep your mind on it and it does get easier. One day at a time

  27. Pinky Reply

    Hi Deryck! It’s nice to see you smiling. I hope you’re okay and get better soon! We love you :))

  28. Álvaro No Reason Reply

    To break me down, on the opposite you taught me how to learn from those situation. It’s so easy after all. I hope Sum 41 returns to Spain soon. (With Dave and Stevo…Why not? Haha).

    Get well soon Deryck. Health comes first.

  29. why always something rly bad should happen to make such meeting possible, why 7 years? u should meet with friends way more often

  30. Aaron Reply

    Hi Deryck, I’m glad you’ve recovered old, scared us all, I hope you go any further old animos, that might only be a small fan of Latin America, and soon not read this because you’re busy, but I command animos continues Deryck forward, I hope to come with everything and some songs that we never forget and never go out of style, like the great Fat Lip, The Hell Song, in Too Deep, Motivation, Pieces! and Blood In My Eyes, those songs that made Sum 41 a unique, funny, serious, and above all inspiring band Brownsound your photo with us all reason and it sounds impossible and childish, incredible would see Dave back and Steve also continue listening to Pain For Pleasure, but everything changes but to my Bizzy D, Brownsound, Cone and Stevo 32 will always be the true SUM 41 Deryck animos goes on kicking ass! May you come to Costa Rica!

  31. Carita Reply

    I’m so happy to see that the two of you are still friends. I wish he was still a member of The Sums tho’ 😉

    It makes me so sad that you’re not well, but I’m glad that you’re feeling better. You look better too. I can’t wait to hear what you’re writing.

  32. Daniel Reply

    Hope you get well soon

  33. April Reply

    Hey Deryck! I came across this a few years ago, and I don’t know if you remember it. Check it out, I found it hilarious. 😀 http://www.angelfire.com/la/sum41/

  34. Jeremy Goulding Newfoundland Reply

    Been following Sum 41 since the start. I’d kill to have new music from this line – up. Chuck was pure magic. . But dream on I guess, hey?

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