New Interview From Deryck

hey everyone. check out the short interview i did recently with the cbc network.



Click here for the interview.

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  1. I guess I was feeling emotional. I read it and it made me cry. Yep, not even close to PMS time so I can’t use my usual excuse for tears. Damn it!

    • Doh! I didn’t realize there were videos. Lol that is the disadvantage of looking at everything via my phone. Lol loved the interview.

  2. Savannah Reply

    You are looking soo much better!! Looking forward to more updates. :)

  3. Unnecessary person Reply

    You look cool

  4. Anita Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story, Deryck! I hope that others will learn from it. You’re looking a lot better. Wishing you all the best in your continuing recovery!

  5. 達哉 Reply


  6. Caty Reply

    you are my best-loved musician and singer since my 11 up to now.. and it is something as I´m now finishing my bachelor studies and still no change! I even set my mind on marring you once when I was a very teanage girl.. haha…
    So now when I came across your interview and saw more of your photos in the hospital it really touched me. you looked so run down and weak that it made me sick.. (I´m sorry I can´t express my feeling in english very well) But I can tell you look really really better now and I hope you´ll be perfectly fine soon! You seem to have needed power and willingness to do so.
    Well alcohol seems to be a friend once but next time it trips you up.. it caused my father a brain damage one year back, although he is better now on antidepression pills, he still came back to it, with no lesson.. and it is terrible to observe..
    Anyway, be better! can´t wait hearing your new song! cross my fingers for you

  7. johann Reply

    you look sooooo much better day after day!!!I hope we see you on stage soon and please do not forget to Latin America
    if your recovery is so it will be sooner than we all think

  8. Marine Reply

    Glad to see you look better. Get well soon, I truly hope your new start will bring you happiness.

  9. I’m sorry. I was completely wrong. It has been deleted.

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