night out with motley

it used to be a drunken booze fuelled party for me when i would go hang with motley. those days are long ago and done for all of us now that we’re all sober. but that didn’t stop it from being an fucking amazing concert. with all the pyro, lights, production last but not least the fucking music it was definitely one of the best shows i’ve ever seen!. it’s sad that this is the final tour. but what a way to go out. if you’ve never seen motley live before you should make it a priority to see this spectacle before it’s gone forever.

7pm: ariana and i left the house and drove down to irvine california to the verizon wireless amphitheater. it was my first time driving in about 2 years. i was a little nervous because of my legs being so fucked up still, but we got there safe with no accidents, phewww. we got there and grabbed our passes and went strait to our seats leaving only about 5 mins til motley hit the stage.

9pm: the lights went out and the show started. tommy hooked me up with amazing seats and all access passes. (thanks tommy!) we were so close you could feel the enormous heat from the pyro. if it was that hot where we were standing, i can only imagine how hot it must have been playing on stage a few feet from all that fire.

the show was over around 11 or so and even though they played pretty much everything you’d want them to play, i still wanted more. it was such a dynamic show with flying drum solos, second stages and nikki’s fire dick, you never knew what was going to happen next. i’ve seen them play many times in the past and it was always amazing, but this was by far the best show i’ve ever seen them do.

after the show we went back stage to hang with tommy and sophi. talked to mick mars for a bit, he’s such a sweetheart and also saw my great old friend devon bronson with his girlfriend jessica.

we stayed late enough to beat all the traffic leaving the show and were pretty much the last people there. except for this one completely wasted guy smoking a shit ton of weed and getting totally drunk off his ass sitting on my car. i thought he was quite hilarious though. he was so fucked up and told us his girlfriend had passed out half way through the show and was asleep in his car. he stared at me for awhile saying he knew me from somewhere and kept asking me questions to try and figure it out. the only question he didn’t ask me was “hey aren’t you in a band”? haha. he finished his smoke and his beer and jumped into his car to drive him and his wasted girlfriend home. hope they made it. (don’t drink and drive. take a fucking cab and save a life or two)

all in all it was an awesome night. go see the show before it’s too late!

deryck whibley


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  1. Ciera Reply

    So cool! I’m glad you had such an awesome time! I went to Mötley’s final tour show at the Hollywood Bowl almost two weeks ago, and it was FUCKING AMAZING! Those dudes sure do know how to put on a great show!

  2. KY Reply

    Sounds like fun! I’d love to read more about your adventures and experiences of sober life. Take care!

  3. I am going to make a suggestion.
    Instead of posting the whole of what you post here on your blog also on Facebook, just post the link to this blog post to increase the hits and traffic you get to this page. I don’t know if you care about comments, but you are likely to get more comments here that way.
    I LOVED the clip on Instagram of you finding the old guitar that is still in tune after 10-11 years. Short but sweet. What I, personally, would really enjoy seeing is short little video blogs added here. Again, just add the videos and info here and then share this link on the various social media accounts you have to increase the traffic here.

    I’m glad you had an awesome night with Motley Crue. They are really not my thing. Foo Fighters and NIN is more my sort of thing. Although, I have to say that one of the best shows I ever went to was a show I would have never gone to had someone not begged me to go with them. It was Cinderella, Bullet Boys and Winger. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed Cinderella. lol

  4. Unnecessary person Reply

    It’s been 13 days, will you keep posting updates?

  5. whibley skumfuk mgr Reply

    sUm 41 rocks ……always

  6. Danny Reply

    Hi from the UK,

    Your looking so much healthier man nice job!

    Loved sum 41 growing up and you guys were an influence on my guitar playing from a young age – let us know if you guys are coming to London anytime soon!

  7. Deryck you are my hero i’ve looked up to you for a really long time now. I’m sorry this has happened to you but I’m glad your getting better. You should post more often

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