Open Your Eyes (Alternative Version)

i have a whole stock pile of old sum 41 stuff saved in storage.  versions of songs that never got used, old demos, unreleased tracks etc. i found something the other day that i had forgotten about. this was the original version for the song open your eyes. it has a shorter first chorus and a different guitar solo. this was the way i intended the song to be but somehow it got changed in the studio along the way. i ended up using this solo in a different song later on, but i always liked this version and i still do. here ya go.



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  1. johann Reply

    thanks for this!!!! we lovedd argentina

    • Cristian Martinez Reply

      How is it? I hear the same guitar solo that in “march of the dogs”
      Regards from Colombia, we hope you will come hear soon

      • Sofia Reply

        Aparently March of the Dogs is the track he talks about when he says: “i ended up using this solo in a different song later on”.

  2. e e e e Reply

    keep posting ! you must still play in argentina, don’t you forget that!

  3. Adriano Possamai Reply

    wow! Nice!

  4. Karl Ronson Reply

    nice awesome !!!!!!

  5. Pedro Flores Reply

    Loved that one, but I still prefer this song with the original solo! :)

    • Francisco Adónis Reply

      Are u crazy? this version of the solo is better than march of the dogs itself

    • Francisco Adónis Reply

      this version of the solo is better than march of the dogs itself

  6. Marta Vivo Reply

    Thanks!! xx We love you so much here in Spain, you’re the best always.

  7. Ghost Reply

    One of my favourite Sum 41 songs, although I still prefer the original one (that solo awesome), it’s a cool version too, but it fits better for March of the Dogs.

  8. Enderr Reply

    love it :)

  9. Maru Reply

    Come to Argentina deryck. We are still waiting for you

  10. Kai Reply

    Cool! I love the raw sound.

  11. Chris Reply

    Any DTLI demos or other ones from Chuck? This is rad, could we get more please?

  12. gary curtis Reply

    Keep posting! :)

  13. Cristian Martinez Reply

    How is it? I hear the same guitar solo that in “march of the dogs”
    Regards from Colombia, we hope you will come hear soon

  14. Eduardo Reply

    Awesome, i liked this version a lot 😀

  15. Sofia Reply

    I like this version a lot :)

  16. Matthew Casale Reply

    Where can I get this song?!

  17. Seb41 Reply

    keep on making us dream Deryck <3 you are amazing and we love you :)

  18. Anthony Ball Reply

    This is awesome!!

  19. the vocal mix on the verses is definitely different too, very cool to get this look at how it once was.

  20. Toni Sieben Reply

    Awesome!!!!!Keep posting please!!!!

  21. Martin Reply

    Argentina still waiting for the sums

  22. I think the new songs need to keep coming, after divorce and all i have gone through music is the only thing that keeps you grounded. The only thing that wont stab you in the back. Deryck, if you need a drummer i am ready, ive played your stuff and the same style all my life. Though people dont listen to it as much anymore. It is still the only real music, no computer beats. Real attitude real motivation for anyone. I used to listen to your music before i would tear up the mountains snowboarding. Now i still play and rock my neighboorhood out. 3

  23. Marcell Csendes Reply

    I very like this song! Thank you so much Deryck for this awesome song. I will keep listening it every day! <3

  24. Betina Reply

    Witch music did you used the solo after all?

  25. Michael Reply

    This is the first song that I ever heard by Sum41. Love at first listen. Checked out all their other songs and just couldn’t stop. Been a huge fan ever since.

  26. Brent Reply

    Nice NS10’s.. Been following you guys for years, Congrats with the recovery Deryck you were in my families thoughts and prayers. I love hearing unmastered music, thanks for sharing man

  27. Sinclair Reply

    Sum 41’never disappoints me. This song I could relate to now just like any other song. They wrote my life in their lyrics. I am sum 41 faithful. <3

  28. bryan baker Reply

    You guys should play this version of open your eyes live!!

  29. Stacey Reply

    Great version! I love Sum 41

  30. Sebastian Hmar Reply

    This is a beautiful song, & the album Chuck is my favorite from you guys. But I wonder why you don’t play songs from there this days or even before. I’m sure people will love it & even love you guys more if you played Chuck album in your concerts. With <3 from India :)

  31. Frik Brits Reply

    This is AWESOME !
    Open Your Eyes is one of my fav Sum 41 songs and I love this version.

  32. Giovanni Reply

    Derick , I really appreciate that you are coming back.
    Every body deserve a second chance !
    You , Cone And Sums are my idols since childhood !
    Keep hard !
    Beautiful alternative !!

  33. JMO Reply


  34. Josema Sanchez Reply


  35. Deryck! I loved this version, excellent combination are fantastic, do not forget we love you ♥

  36. Francisco Adónis Reply

    the solo is how much tones down? i really want to play this version, only the solo is different but i can take it from march of the dogs’s solo downing the tone of the song

  37. Nicholas Dulepski Reply

    Hey Deryck. What would you say your personal philosophy is on music?

  38. Nick` Reply

    Thank you, for helping me get through hard times in my life! Glad to see your getting better!

  39. vovankenoby Reply

    nice!!! russians love u 😉

  40. Hey Deryck,
    It is very cool the massive response you have received when asking fans their favorite songs from different albums. I was looking into polls for the FB page I created as a companion for my blog. I was thinking it might be helpful to you as well. It is called Facebook Questions. Apparently I can’t use it from my phone but will have a look tomorrow from the PC. I read that when people vote in the polls it will show their friends they voted and it will draw attention to your page. I am still learning myself but here is the link for the help page!/help/265527223489646

    I have a windows phone and the Instagram app is in Beta. I can’t see/read all the messages on photos when there are a lot like your most recent photo post/question. I did a little research and found an app that actually does Instagram better than instagram. It is called 6tag. Anyway a poll (aka Facebook Questions) might be a good way to see what fans love without having to scroll for days. Lol

    • Nevermind. I got on the PC today and can only see the questions option in groups. Grrrrrr I am looking into free app options, but I don’t know if I can be bothered.

  41. RogerWeng Reply

    Keep posting !!!!

  42. imankomara Reply

    one of my favourite Sum 41 songs

  43. Marla Reply

    This is an old blog post, so I don’t know if you are even checking the comments, but I am really quite fond of this version of the song. Can you put it up for purchase please?

  44. Mackenzie Reply

    How come this song (acoustic) isn’t on Itunes ?

  45. Michu Reply

    ¡OMG! I love so much this version.. We miss you Deryck.. Come to Argentina when you’re better please! We love you all, guys!

  46. Gracias por compartir, me agrada oirlos mientras trabajo ♥

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