Original “Crash” Demo

i was going through my old cassette tapes of ideas today and i came across the original demo of the song “crash”. this recording was made about an hour after i witnessed a horrible car crash where one of the drivers was killed instantly. it all happened right before my eyes. i was the first one there and jumped out of my car immediately trying to help but i could feel the lifelessness in the air, you could just tell he was dead and there was nothing i could do. i’ve seen a few people die in front of me in my life and it’s definitely a bizarre moment to see the life being taken out of someone. i went home and wrote this song in minutes and recorded this version. and now, after everything i’ve been through recently this song holds new meaning for me. it’s not much different than the album but i like this version because i remember exactly how i felt when i was putting it down. i used to have this big open room with a nice grand piano. i would love to come down in the mornings and play for awhile as i was waking up. the room had really high ceilings and gave off this great natural reverb. it felt like being in a big concert hall. it was almost a haunting sound in that room. it made you feel very alone. and i don’t think i could have written crash if it didn’t sound like that.


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  1. Haunting.

    • harivel Reply

      juste superbe, magnifique

    • Okay…one word is just out of character for me. I can’t take it. Hahaha

      Re: The demo and how the song came about….I have felt strongly like much of my old writings felt like I was channeling my future self because they are very relevant to this now time period. I suspect the same was happening in this case. Basically it was highlighting this moment in time where you very nearly lost your human vehicle. I have always thought that when I heard this song on the album….always being not very long. Hahaha But basically Bashar says that when we have a “near death” experience, often we have actually died but opted to come back to a timeline in which we survive. You know those tales of people in horrific car accidents who seemingly miraculously survive? They didn’t survive in their original timeline. I will post some Bashar videos on my blog that explains what I am talking about. For those interested, click on my name to get to my blog. Bashar is my personal Jesus. Lol

  2. Brilliant.

    • Nicolò Reply

      Hi Bizzy, how r u?
      first of all i want to thank u for keeping up always updated. The second one is…thank u! Thank u for this beautiful release. You can’t evene imagine how much it means hearing somenthing new from u 😀
      Best of luck bro

  3. Enderr Reply

    my cousin died of cancer a few months ago and this song made me remember back before we knew she had it :'(
    love the song

  4. angel Reply

    love this song

  5. shiran Reply

    the real version of this song is pretty but kind of pass beside me. however this demo version is very touching and moving, its sound as if you sing for fun and in a mode in wich you realy connected to what you sing about. and not tryng hard in order to do that.

    moreover im from Israel and our dear soldiers are fighting for us to have a peaceful life right now, 13 died yesterday and 7 more today. i think of them when i listen to the song.

    i hope you’ll release more sum41 demos.
    i wish you a full recovery and hope to see sum41 perform in Israel some day.


  6. Hey Deryck !

    If you read this, I want you to know that fans love to hear demos and read those anecdotes about Sum 41’s songs !

    Hope you’re going healthier and healthier by the way
    Cheers from Sum41France

  7. Anna Reply

    probably better than the original! so cool Deryck!!

    • TeSs Reply

      URS! Deryck is the best!

  8. Excellent! Derick,please,play it to live on concerts.And we love you and We are waiting for you.

  9. Marcos Sei Reply


  10. Excellent!
    Come to Brasil, Deryck. We love you and sum 41.
    Continue fazendo músicas. Nunca pare de fazer. Você é muito bom nisso.

  11. Anita Reply

    Cool! I love reading stories about where the songs come from. 😀

  12. Rey Gomez Reply


  13. Mike Cascio Reply

    Absolute amazing deryck this version is much better than the recorded one but I know exactly what you went through and I did the exact same thing. Once I saw the crash before my eyes I had the dying in my arms before the paramedics showed up. Like I said absolutely amazing man keep it up!

  14. jesus Reply


  15. Joey Reply

    haunting. sad. yet very beautiful

  16. Alex Reply

    You are a great composer, producer and a genius at singing. I missed you Bizzy. I hope that soon you will be better with your recuperation. U are my inspiration and motivation when i´m down . I wish that i could see you soon in a concert in Spain .
    Best wishes, Alex
    PD: Sorry for my English , i know it´s not good

  17. Klim Ivanin Reply

    Deryck! Thank you for sharing a part of your soul. It means much

  18. This is a sad story Deryck, but I like so much this version. It is difficult to move forwaed after seeing a similar scene. You’ve done a nice gesture Deryck! I don’t know if I would be able to rescue the man. Not because I am a bad person but cause I would be too scared. Sorry for the English :S -lula

  19. Unnecessary person Reply

    My thoughts of this song just don’t fit in words. Better than anything else, you can absolutely feel the touch of death. I don’t even know how to explain, it’s just great.

  20. Natasja Reply

    Absolutely stunning, I love this song so much it that it made me cry. Amazing work Deryck.

  21. Angie Reply

    had tears in my eyes while i was listening to this… absolutely brilliant <3

  22. Ludovica Reply

    I prefer the demo version than the album version. Just the piano and Deryck’s voice…simply perferct and magic!
    Moreover this song means a lot to me cause I’ve seen my parents die in front of me. So, just thank you, Deryck, for writing such a masterpiece! Love you

  23. Dylan Bartlett Reply

    Much better than the original!

  24. FedeSkumfuk Reply

    Incredible Bizzy, you are very inspiring for me because i m in a really very bad moment in my life.
    Big hugh from Argentina brother.

  25. Luis Reply

    There is a lot of things in which one could relate this song to. You really can hear him display his emotions along with the piano, it’s awesome. I’m so glad I got to know his inspiration behind it. I’m curious about
    “Speak of the Devil” hopefully he could share the meaning of that one next!

  26. Vince Reply

    Awesome, you can see the picture you were trying to paint…Great song instantly grabbed my attention…

  27. Magdalena Reply

    I can’t wait for the nwe album!
    Deryck, respect! :)

  28. Vlada Reply

    great song!
    Deryck, know your fans support you. forward to the new album. and ofcourse, we want to see Steve back. congratulate Steve on his birthday from me 😉

    P.S. Stay strong, Deryck!

  29. i’m just speachless ,i didn’t think that demo would make me drop a tear for real cuz i heard the official track so so many times and i though it was perfect but that one is jst unique ,bizzy my bro you still full of surprises :’)

  30. Ciera Reply

    So cool! Thanks for sharing this Deryck. Such a beautiful song.

  31. keep on singin man good recording

  32. Sebastian Lara Reply

    Simply amazing! it has chill me out! you are a master!

  33. Stéphane Reply

    Thank you for sharing this, your voice is beautful on it! :)

  34. José Reply

    now i feel this

  35. Bryan Reply

    This song has helped me through basically all the hard moments in life, since it’s release. I just wanted to thank you for writing it, it’s sad that someone dying was the reason it was written but it caused a song that helps with grief. I hope you keep making songs after screaming bloody murder. You guys are my favorite band and I can’t wait to hear more from you. Cya and have a great day

  36. Gabriella Reply

    Gosh, it’s a really good song. I didn’t know the story and now I love it even more. I can feel what you felt when I hear it.

  37. mark Reply

    the dying person being so lucid and matter-of-fact really gets to me…

  38. Eamon Reply

    Just came across this version. Fantastically haunting from an amazing talent.

  39. noone Reply

    at one point it sounds like “let it be” for a short time.

  40. Cameron Reply

    As if the studio version wasn’t bad enough…. This just brings me down…

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