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General Questions

What have you been up to lately?

i’ve been working on a lot of things lately. i’ve been producing some artists. working on sum 41 music. and also trying some new things as well. working ons tv and movie stuff. it’s been a very creative time.

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Do you and Dave Brownsound ever talk anymore?

yes. we talk quite a bit now. we were such good friends growing up so we sit and laugh about our old stupid stories. things like, when we were about 17 we saved up money to go see the kiss reunion show in toronto. we parked where i knew a place that we could park for free. only problem was is it was a 30 min walk from the venue. we finally get there and we’re so excited and realize neither of us have the tix. they’re in the car still! so we ran back and grabbed them then ran back again to the arena. and we ended up missing most of the show. then walked back to the car only to notice the car was towed. haha

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Have you ever thought of writing an autobiography?

i’ve been approached many times to write one. i always said no, but in the past few months i’m in the works of starting one.

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At what age did you first learn to play guitar?

hey, i started playing around 13 years old. it took me a few years to finally feel good about my playing. that’s when i started sum 41. when i met stevo he was the best drummer in town. i knew we had something then.

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Live Questions

what is your favourite song to play live?

i would say pieces. it’s my favourite song of ours.

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Do you smoke?

yes and no. i sometimes smoke when i’m off tour. but i don’t smoke at all when i’m on tour.

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heeey Deryck you geniuuuuus!Do you listen Avenged Sevenfold? :P

thank you! i don’t really listen to any new styles of music. i know who they are and wish the best for them. but i haven’t really listened to they’re albums.

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