Recording Today

getting ready to record some drums. new ideas! stay tuned for more updates and photos. gotta get to bed now. it’s 530am and we start recording in 6 hours.

deryck whibleydrum prepd mic setup

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  1. Ozzy D Reply

    Awesome- thanks, Deryck for keeping us updated with your biz. You’re the best, Bizzy D! I appreciate every update leading to an awesome record.

  2. Ozzy D Reply

    Also, I see you have your name looking like the Jack Daniels logo. Now that you don’t drink will you be changing the stylization of your name on this website?

  3. Unnecessary Person Reply

    Giant microphone looks cool

  4. Felix Reply

    Hey great to hear that you continue to get better. Can’t wait for new updates.

  5. Ciera Reply

    Sweet! I’m so happy to see that you continue to get better. Also, thanks for keeping us updated because it means a lot. Keep kicking ass, Deryck! Much love. <3

  6. AK Reply

    Cool! I’m looking forward to hearing the new music. Take care!

  7. Josh Mcn Reply

    Great to see!

    Can’t wait to hear the new stuff

  8. johann Reply

    sooo good!!!!!! we loved

  9. Sum 41 were mentioned on Alternative Press in their list of 10 bands that they would like to see on this summer’s Warped Tour. Not sure if I can do links here or I would link it.

  10. I’m so pumped for this its crazy! i just caint wait for the new recordings to come out its killing me!! just hope you’re feeling better!!

  11. Bean Reply

    You are starting to look like yourself. Keep getting well. You are awesome.

  12. adarsh thapa Reply

    i’ve been waiting to hear something like this for so long!! you just made my day, thanks a ton!!!!

  13. Kolya Reply

    Deryk, i’m glad you’re alive! write new songs! I and millions of fans are waiting for your sound from a steep SUM 41!

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