Red Wine Chronicles #2

At the hotel for a day off. It’s a bit hot and muggy here today. I’m sure the show will be fun tomorrow nonetheless. Sitting around listening to some Bob Dylan. Going over new set list ideas. I’m trying add some songs into the set that we haven’t played in a long time or ever played at all. The only struggle has been that we haven’t been able to get many sound checks to practice these songs on this tour. Oh well, we’ll be on the road for awhile so as we keep going there will be new things changing throughout out the set list from time to time. All in all it’s great to be back out on tour after a long break. I’m going to keep working on these songs and then retire to the beach outside of my room!


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  1. Thomas Reply

    Oh Deryck you were in Juan Les Pins !!
    Came in this town for the first time to see you play with Sum 41 in 2005. I’ll never forget this moment, it was such a great show. Thank you for everything.

  2. I’m going to post way down here where hopefully few fans bother to click. My poems are back up on my blog. I had a toddler like melt down but I have calmed down. I am going to post a couple new old ones later tonight. Happy reading. I guess I should say “unhappy reading” because the old ones tend to be depressing. Hahaha

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