Red Wine Chronicles #4

CarSomebody’s day really sucks! Haha. My day on the other hand is great! We’ve been on tour for awhile and every show keeps getting better. The crowds are great as usual and its great to see so many people again. I’m always grateful for having this loyal of a fan base after so many years of touring. I’m sitting in the middle of nowhere. It’s fucking hot, sweaty and almost unbearable. I’ve only slept for a couple of hours and I’m so excited to get on stage and play a show right now! You guys give me the energy. I also bought a beautiful new guitar. It’s actually old but new to me. I have somewhat of an addiction with musical equipment. And this guitar just looked too nice and also happened to be pretty rare. It’s a combination of year, type of wood, certain paint etc. You know, nerdy stuff. But basically there’s only 25 in the world so I felt like I should get it. It’s a 59 les paul. I can’t wait to here it in the studio. Anyway, it’s time for the wine and to hit the stage. Talk to you all soon.

MR.BIZLes Paul

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  1. amazing band !!!!!!!!!the SUM41 the best of the best

  2. Is that horse poop on the car? lol I love it. I have wanted to load horse poop on a few people’s cars. Sweet guitar! Funny how rarity of an item makes it pretty special and sought after. I’m pretty rare. Shouldn’t there be a line of people seeking me? :) Oh wait, I did have two marriage proposals this past week from blog readers and I am still trying to lose the husband I do have. Maybe I AM sought after like a rare beautiful guitar. lmao

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