Red Wine Chronicles 7

I was looking through some old photos and I came across this one. It’s from the chuck era tour. In the last song of every show I would play drums for pain for pleasure. Tommy lee was there and had climbed up the lighting truss and was right above me about 25 feet. I had no idea of course. Right as the song kicked in he dumped bag after bag of flour all over me making it impossible for me to play. I had no idea what was happening at the time. I couldn’t see anything. And that much flour ws really heavy. The drums go completely dead when they’re covered in flour. It was like trying play drums on a bunch of pillows. We ended up having a big party that night and instead of changing or showering I just said fuck it and I just partied all night covered in flour. that was a very fun year and a half of touring. As always we went everywhere we could around the world. Had a blast. Saw things I never thought I would. Saw things I never wanted to see. That was the last tour of most of us being single. It was a particularly crazy time. But I guess it’s still kind of crazy now minus a few debaucheries.

rwc7-1 rwc7-2

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  1. looks rly fun )

  2. I’m going to allow myself an uncharacteristic fangirl moment and say that I am digging the side burns and dark hair in these photos. Dark hair doesn’t always suit naturally light haired people, but it looks good on you.

    Sounds like a fun night and a fun tour.

  3. michael Reply

    hi deryck,

    no music on your webseide?

  4. Hailey Loncar Reply

    I saw you in Chicago this year and I somehow got to be backstage. You have no idea what your music means to me. It has gotten me through my entire life. I only got to meet you and the rest of the band for what seemed like a couple minutes but it meant more to me than you will ever know!

  5. Gran anecdota haha ♥ saludos desde españa chicoss

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