hello world. it’s been awhile since i last gave an update. it’s the end of the night for me and it’s time to watch some american dad (my new favourite show for the past few months) and fall asleep. i don’t get much time to watch any tv with all the touring and recording which is kind of cool in a way because when i get into a show i get to watch so many episodes all at once. for the past few weeks i’ve locked myself away in my writing room for hours on end. most days are great, but like every album some days are better than others. today was a pretty decent day, i started writing 2 new songs and hopefully will finish them soon and add them to the pile. i have quite a few ideas right now with lots of different sounds and different parts. i know, that sounds very vague, but at this stage i’m still trying out so many different ideas and seeing what works best for each song. i’m trying out songs and then recording them in completely different ways to see what sounds best for that particular song. i’ll take a song and make it sound 5 different ways, making it heavier or softer, slower or faster, different drum beats etc. i’ve figured out the vibe and the feel of the record, which is always the most important part for me. once i have the direction it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks. right now there’s pile of puzzle pieces in front of me and i’m in the middle of trying to put them all together. In time i’ll start posting some video of what i am working on.  i’m still doing all my physio therapy and  i’ve added playing basketball into my daily routine now. it’s helping me get my strength back to walk again. it’s still a little difficult but it’s getting a lot better. also i’ve been approached lately to write and produce for few different artists, and also music for movies and television. i’m really excited about that because they’re all such different styles of music. it’s challenging but also a fun exercise for the mind. i love all kinds of music and i love trying out new things that i’ve never done before. at this point in my life i’m looking for new paths to walk down while being open minded and and excepting of new challenges. all in all life is great and i’m excited about the future. i still can’t wait to be on tour again though. hopefully that will be soon.

take care, love ya all!

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  1. Love and light to you, friend. I am so happy for you.

  2. Spartacus Reply

    It’s good to see you getting healthier day by day. Get well soon, dude, we’re with you!

  3. FedeSkumfuk Reply

    Stay strong Deryck ! I ll hope see you in Argentina sone day !

  4. AK Reply

    Sounds exciting! I look forward to hearing the new music. Wishing you all the best!

  5. Unnecessary Person Reply


  6. Hey Deryck, sounds pretty cool! I have a question, looks like you still produce different artists, so what’s the way to send you some stuff? Thank you for your answer. Take care and cheers from Switzerland 😉

  7. Lovisa Reply

    Im happy you’re feeling better, looking forward to the new songs :)

  8. potzu Reply

    Come to Spain!! I hope you recover!!! :)

  9. im glad your doing better. Can’t wait to hear some new songs

  10. johann Reply

    i hoppe we see you soon!!! we missed from argentina

  11. Andrea Reply

    Basketball, great choice :-) lookin’ forward to hearing some new stuff, stay strong Deryck !

  12. Ciera Reply

    Sounds awesome! So glad you are doing a lot better. Keep up the good work Deryck! :)

  13. very good deryck a like very your music

  14. perfect deryck is a cool i want to come on your tour to Costa Rica with Sum41

  15. is great! congratulations, your music is the best of the best, I love you both ♥♥, follow us informing :)
    i ♥ sum 41

  16. Lucas Reply

    Keep it up Deryck. I can’t wait to hear your new stuff. I also couldn’t be happier for you. You say you’re trying to get your strength back now, but over the past couple of months you’ve shown me (and I’m sure countless other fans) that you’re one of the strongest people out there.

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