Welcome to the site!

hello everyone! welcome to the site. i hope you like it and i would like to chat with you guys. ask me you’re questions in the q&a section. i’ll be giving you updates as much as i can. and i hope you like the acoustic version of blood in my eyes. can’t wait to see you again on tour! i’d also like to thank nic bavetta from theresnosolution.com for making this site happen.


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  1. Rahuel Reply

    Glad to hear from you recently Deryck! Loving the acoustic version of BIME and can’t wait for thew new Sum album.
    Take care man!

  2. Q W Reply

    Deryck,how are you?

  3. Glad to hear from you news :)
    Acoustic version of BIME simply posh.
    I wait from you even more news!
    Good luck to you also take care!

  4. Alex Reply

    Hi Deryck i heard about tour after recording album. What about concert in Odessa(Ukraine)
    I’m sorry for my English but I hope u understand me ^_^

  5. nikola Reply

    is it possible to download blood in my eyes acoustic ??

  6. So happy you have a website now Deryck keep the amazing work up I love all the albums just one question why did you never put your song “always” on an album? its really good unless if you have but i can’t get it in my country but I’m not sure but thanks and love ya Deryck

  7. And can you download Blood in my eyes acoustic? its really good

  8. Parker Reply

    Wait so a Sum 41 tour is in the near future?!

  9. DmcbrienATD Reply

    Seriously looking forward to the new album dude! If it’s anything like Screaming Bloody Murder, I shall be a VERY happy person!

  10. DmcbrienATD Reply

    Oh and, PLEASE come to Ireland! PLEASE!

  11. Alberto Reply

    Happy birthday Deryck!!!
    From Italy :)

  12. Alberto Reply

    Happy birthday Deryck!!
    From Italy :)

  13. Happy birthday deryck jason whibley , one of my fav singers of all time! Word up!
    From indonesia

  14. mike kelley Reply

    this is cool i like your site

  15. Daniel Teichman Reply

    If youre actually reading this would make me so happy. I fucking love you. You inspired me to be a musician.
    ok seriously, COME TO TORONTO!!!! ASAP
    and tell that guy to stop wearing a god damn fedora…

  16. Mr. Bartowski Reply

    Hi Deryck! It’s been a while u didn’t update us! I really want you to make an acoustic version or live for
    “what am i to say” and “crash” . It’ s really good and we are in Malaysia really love it! Please do it for our missing plane flights MH370. Thank you and please consider about it.

  17. Liam Hillier Reply

    hey Deryck how r u doing, what happened to sum 41, why aren’t they touring anymore, I heard about this last april, I was so upset because, I’ve liked sum 41 since I was 2. I first saw sum 41 on the spiderman 2002 movie, it’s what were all about, I loved that. and im 13 now, and still listen too it!!
    if ever sum 41 get back to gather, plz do another album like all killer no filler, that was great. thanks, take care :)

  18. Ernie Reply

    whats up deryk been a long time fan for years glad your still working on music will you be doing any touring in california anytime soon ?

  19. Michael Reply

    Hey Deryck, what kind of food do you like to eat?

  20. Marco Reply

    Ehy Deryck! i’m sad cause i’m not seeing you anymore in tour.. i hope after your album recording, will come in italy! i have never come in a Sum41 tour, but it’s my dream! you inspired me musically! (sorry for my bad english?)
    You are the best Deryck, you are my idol.. Please don’t stop your music! It’s magic!

    -Marco, Italy (FG)

  21. abraham cisneros Reply

    deryck, you are the shit. simple as that. your band saved my life thank you.

  22. Jamie520 Reply

    Hey Deryck Tucson, Arizona misses you very very much will you be visiting us any time soon? <3 love you forever jamie xoxo

  23. Hi How are you? I hope okay, when you come to Mexico?

  24. amo a este hombreeeeee!!

  25. Clothilde Reply

    Thinking of you, a French fan ♥ #StayStrongDeryck

  26. Sebastián Reply

    well i only have to said you are my idol you are a persona i want to be i only said you can pass this really hard moments and you will be the person you was. i really thing you can do it.

  27. very useful site thanks you

  28. I wish to hear from you soon

  29. it would be nice if I could meet you Deryck !

  30. hei, greeting from indonesia,

  31. God always bless you Deryck
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  37. deryck, you are the shit. simple as that. your band saved my life thank you.

  38. And can you download Blood in my eyes acoustic? its really good

  39. dear dyrick i am a huge fan of you r s and the band i had been a fan for a long time now and i love to listen to your music is grate i love it and i hope to meet you some day in the future my email is mariamelissadiljohn30@gmail.com i hope and wish to get a email back from you r my all time favorite lead singer from sum 41 u have an amazing voice and u sing grate i am your number one fan here in toronto and i love you very much your fan maria. i hope u don;t mind i give u my cell number 6477612898 i wish one thing is to say hello to you knowing i am a big big fan of you rs much love to you from your fan maria from toronto c

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